The Legend of The Hammer

Ross Hemsworth Law School Dropout Or Failure?

Did Ross Flunk Out or Drop Out?

Ross Hemsworth has made quite a deal out of spending a couple semesters trying to become a lawyer. Out of one side of the mouth comes how long and hard he is working at it but in the same time he can post 100’s of tweets each day and spend many hours on blogger and moonfruit creating free websites to attract investors who want nothing in return for their money.


The Hammer – Ross The Hammer Hemsworth Another Jab At Jobsworth

Check it out! Ross “The Hammer” Hemsworth has started another amazing outlet for confidence man lessons.


Ross Hemsworth Begging RT, Dell Computers, And You!

Our hero Ross Hemsworth is on another bandwagon to fame and fortune.

Ross is out begging again on Twitter, he just can’t find enough mugs in real life so he fishes where there are no eyes to do the due diligence needed to deal with Hemsworth.

Here is Ross Hemsworth latest tweets:

“I am on a mission – I am working for NOTHING to help promote (non4profit) and we need sponsors! Please RT”


Ross Hemsworth Studies Law To Change Freedom of Speech

Why is Ross Hemsworth studying law in the United Kingdom? Ross has only one goal in mind, to stop anyone from telling about his or her experience with him. His constant whining about libel on his twitter account, his constant begging to find someone to do the work for him without charging money, and of course his begging for someone to become a trustee (become responsible for the latest scam he is devising) all show that there is no altruistic bend to his legal studies.


Glastonbury TV Has Hemsworth Setting the Confidence Scheme UP

Lord have mercy! Hemsworth has dumped his blog in favor of trying to control who sees his nonsense! Ross Hemsworth’s latest Twitter has him looking for a couple more shills to take the fall and a couple more 1000 pounds!

“I need 2 more “trustees” for non4profit local TV platform – Glastonbury, and need 2 raise £1000″


Will Ross Hemsworth Play Pulse Radio

Our little digger boys have come up with a nugget. Does Ross Hemsworth want more outside help to give him some credibility? Caught so many times in what can be politely called lies, Ross has no credibility to those who know him for any longer time. We heard he wants to get a radio show on another community online radio website called Does anyone know if they do any due diligence or do they just listen to whatever poppycock they are fed and give people a pulpit to collect money from marks?